We are BIXI Montréal

BIXI Montréal is a non-profit organization created in 2014 by the city of Montreal to manage its bike-sharing system. The BIXI network has 6,200 bikes and 540 stations spread out across the areas of Montreal, Longueuil and Westmount. Much more than just a simple mode of transport, BIXI is now a great way to zip around the city whenever you want to go wherever your heart desires.

Our mission 

BIXI Montréal, an active mode of transportation contributing to the health and well-being of Montrealers.

Our vision 

To be recognized as a key player in Montreal’s public transit system.

Our values

Excellence - Integrity - Customer Relations - Social Responsibility - Respect - Collaboration


World-renowned industrial designer Michel Dallaire was entrusted with the design of the physical components. Bike design elements were then carried over to the technical platforms, bike docks and pay stations, with the aim of harmoniously blending into their urban environment. In cooperation with Saguenay-based manufacturer Cycles Devinci, the bikes were created to be easy to handle, with clean lines and a sleek look that would in no way compromise their sturdiness and safety. The rounded frame was inspired by a boomerang. A BIXI borrowed will always come back to its rightful place!

Origin of the name

The BIXI name comes from a contraction of the words ‘bicycle’ and ‘taxi.’ It was created by Michel Gourdeau following a contest asking Montrealers to help identify the bike. The contest generated 8,896 different name ideas.

Sustainable Development 

BIXI takes action on a daily basis to minimize the effects of its operations on the environment and to ensure that economic, social and environmental factors are taken into consideration with regards to its activities. Our users are contributing to our mission by choosing an environmentally-friendly method of transportation that reduces greenhouse gas emissions and promotes physical activity and a healthy lifestyle. BIXI is proud to have implemented an environmentally responsible procurement policy.

Our sustainable development strategy revolves around four actions: 

  • Adapting BIXI's decision-making process with regards to sustainable development
  • Being a responsible employer
  • Promoting the concept of bike-sharing to Montrealers
  • Strengthening BIXI's position as part of Montreal's public transit service



We would like to thank Manulife, BIXI’s presenting partner, for their support and contribution to the many services offered to Bixists, such as the BIXI Manulife Valets and Free BIXI Sundays. We would also like to thank all of our other partners for their generous support.

Network info

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All network changes are posted daily.

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Stay up to date

All network changes are posted daily.

Station Map

Network info

- Cartier / Masson is temporarily removed for work purpose

- Parc Plage station reinstated today.
- Gauthier / Parthenais station has been removed.

- Roy / St-Hubert station has been removed.
- du President-Kennedy / Robert Bourassa station is temporarily removed for work purpose

- Peel / avenue des Canadiens de Montréal was installed.

- Cypress / Peel station was installed.


- St-Alexandre / Carmichael station has been removed.


- Métro Lionel-Groulx (Atwater / Lionel-Groulx) station was installed.

- Metcalfe / de Maisonneuve station was installed.


- Quesnel / Vinet station has been removed.
- Hochelaga / Chapleau station is temporarily removed for work purpose.
- Metcalfe / de Maisonneuve station is temporarily removed for work purpose.

- 9e avenue / Dandurand station is temporarily removed for work purpose.

- Métro Frontenac (Ontario / du Havre) station has been removed.

- Parthenais / Laurier station was installed.

- Basin / Richmond station has been removed.


- Notre-Dame / Chatham station has been removed.


- Cypress / Peel station has been removed.
- Jeanne-Mance / St-Viateur station reinstated today.

- de Marseille / Viau station is moved to the Centre Pierre-Charbonneau

- Louis-Colin / Willowdale station is moved to the intersection of Louis-Colin / McKenna

- de l'Église / Bannantyne station was installed today.


- de l'Église / de Verdun station was installed today.

- Peel / avenue des Canadiens de Montréal station has been removed.


- Alexandra / Jean-Talon station has been removed.

- de Bleury / Mayor station is moved to the intersection of Maisonneuve /de Bleury.


- de Chateaubriand / Beaubien station reinstated today.
- Metcalfe / du Square Dorchester station is moved to the intersection of de la Cathédrale / René-Lévesque

- Clark / St-Cuthbert station is moved to the intersection St-Cuthbert / St-Urbain

- Parthenais / Laurier station has been removed.

- Duke / Brennan station was installed today.


- d'Outremont / Ogilvy station was installed today.


- Henri-Julien / du Carmel station was installed today.
- Metcalfe / Ste-Catherine station is moved to the intersection of Mansfield / René-Lévesque

- Pierre-de-Coubertin / Aird station is moved to the intersection of Pierre-de-Coubertin / Sicard
- Métro Université de Montréal station reinstated today.

- Jean-Brillant / McKenna station reinstated today.

- St-Alexandre / Ste-Catherine (6081) station was installed today.


- St-Marc / Sherbrooke station was installed today.

- Ontario / Clark station is moved to the intersection of Ste-Catherine / Clark

- Station Fullum / Sherbrooke station was installed today.

- Jeanne-Mance / St-Viateur station has been removed.


- Laurier / 15e avenue station is temporarily closed for work purpose.


- St-Antoine / St-François-Xavier station installed today.


- St-Nicolas / Place d'Youville station installed today.


- Wurtele / Ontario station is moved to the intersection of Wurtele / de Rouen
- Boyer / Beaubien station reinstated today

- Métro Lucien-L'Allier (Lucien l'Allier / Argyle) station has been removed.

- Mackay / René-Lévesque station has been removed.
- St-Dominique / Gounod station reinstated today.

- St-Antoine / St-François-Xavier station is temporarily removed for work purpose.

- Métro Berri-UQAM (St-Denis / de Maisonneuve) station reinstalled today.


- St-Urbain / Beaubien station is temporarily closed for work purpose.

- Eadie / Dubois station reinstated today.

- Square Sir-Georges-Étienne-Cartier / St-Ambroise station reinstated today.

- Jogues / Allard station installed today


- de Chateaubriand / Beaubien station has been removed.


- Atwater / Ste-Catherine station installed today.


- Fullum / Sherbrooke station has been removed.