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Suggest a station location

We are inviting you to share your input on where you would like to see a BIXI station.

This form is intended to gather suggestions from the Greater Montreal population to improve the planning process of BIXI's future network. Indeed, the citizens hold a distinct knowledge of the territory that we wish to incorporate upstream of our thinking.

*Please note that submitting a suggestion does not guarantee the installation of a station at the identified location. The goal is to enrich the planning process of BIXI's network.

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Frequently asked questions

If you need help, don't hesitate to contact us.

1 - What is it?

This is a platform open to all, allowing the public to suggest locations for BIXI stations.

2 - How does it work?

People must use the link to access the platform. From there, they are asked to identify themselves, suggest a location, and provide us with the main reason for their suggestion.

3 - Why undertake such a project?

We believe that the population has a wide knowledge of their living environment so we want to use it in our planning.

It should be noted that we are already collecting suggestions for new locations through customer service. However, in their current form, we cannot take full advantage of this information. Getting suggestions through this platform allows us to process data more efficiently since it is directly compatible with the tools we use when we are planning the BIXI network.

4 - If I suggest a location, when will I get my station?

Submitting a suggestion does not guarantee the installation of a station at the identified location. The goal is to enrich the planning process of the BIXI network.

5 - Why should I suggest a location if I don’t have any guarantee that I will get a station?

This is an opportunity to participate in the planning process of the BIXI network.

6 - If I live outside of the current network, am I allowed to suggest a location?

The entire population of Greater Montreal is invited to send us their suggestions.

7 - Why do you ask for an e-mail address and what are you going to do with it?

We need an email address to identify you and, if necessary, to communicate with you about your suggestion.

8 - Can I suggest several stations?

It is possible to suggest as many stations as you want.

9 - What will happen to my suggestion?

It improves the planning of the BIXI network by enriching the quality of the data to which we have access to determine the location of the stations.

In time, a report will be made and an intelligible version presenting the highlights will be made accessible to the public.

10 - Will the suggestions be anonymized?

The transmitted data will be processed in a way that ensures the anonymity of the participants.


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Station Map

Network info

- Thérèse-Lavoie Roux station was moved at the corner of Outremont / Thérèse-Lavoie Roux.

- Boyer / Beaubien station was removed today.

- St-André / Robin station was removed today.

- Metcalfe / Ste-Catherine station was installed today.

- 19e avenue / St-Joseph Lachine station (7107) was moved at the corner of the 18e avenue / St-Joseph.

- Ottawa / Peel (7047) station was removed today.

- St-Andre / Cherrier station (6175) was moved at the intersection of St-Christophe / Cherrier.

- Laurier / de Bordeaux station (6236) was removed today.

- Berri / Cherrier station (6173) was removed today.

- Palm / St-Remi station (6313) was removed today.