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Privacy Policy

Confidentiality Policy

No personal information is gathered without the prior consent of the Internet user. Surfing in the BIXI portal is anonymous. If you choose to send us any personal information, by e-mail or by completing and submitting a form via our site, we will use the information submitted only to answer your message and to follow up on it. The same confidentiality measures are applied to electronic messages as to inquiries received by mail. The information provided will not be shared with any third parties or private organizations.


Cookies are small bits of information placed on your hard drive by Websites you visit. In themselves, they are harmless. They are stored temporarily or permanently on your hard drive to keep a record of your visit. You may view them and destroy them as you wish and thus have complete control over them. The BIXI portal stores a permanent cookie on your hard drive containing recurring images with the sole purpose of increasing the speed with which the site pages can be downloaded.

Distribution lists

At any time, you may choose to stop receiving information sent by BIXI via any distribution lists to which you have subscribed.


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All network changes are posted daily.

Station Map

Network info

- Thérèse-Lavoie Roux station was moved at the corner of Outremont / Thérèse-Lavoie Roux.

- Boyer / Beaubien station was removed today.

- St-André / Robin station was removed today.

- Metcalfe / Ste-Catherine station was installed today.

- 19e avenue / St-Joseph Lachine station (7107) was moved at the corner of the 18e avenue / St-Joseph.

- Ottawa / Peel (7047) station was removed today.

- St-Andre / Cherrier station (6175) was moved at the intersection of St-Christophe / Cherrier.

- Laurier / de Bordeaux station (6236) was removed today.

- Berri / Cherrier station (6173) was removed today.

- Palm / St-Remi station (6313) was removed today.