Multi-User Keys

1-year BIXI membership that you can share with other members of your group.


Multi-user keys is a type of BIXI membership designed to be shared. See the advantages:

Order Form

Fill in the form and submit it by email or fax. An agent will call you to finalize the transaction.

Additional Fees *
The additional fees start after the allocated trip period

61 to 75 minutes + $1.80
76 minutes and more, for every additional 15 minutes +$3
The additional fees start after the allocated trip period. The additional fees are billed at the end of the access period, directly on your credit card.

60 minutes

60 minutes allowed for each trip instead of the allotted 45 minutes with a regular one-year membership

BIXI key

Gain access to the system with a BIXI key

Personal space

All trips taken will appear on your personal space on the website

Corporate credit card

Corporate responsibility: use a corporate credit card to activate your multi-user account