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The BIXI application

Get around with ease

The BIXI application is like a travel companion who loves new gadgets. Always close by, it facilitates your experience so that there’s only one thing left to do: make the most of your ride. It’ll even provide you with information that you might not be looking for but will be glad to know. (Bonus: It never makes lame jokes. We promise.)

Find and rent your BIXI

No matter where you are in the city, the BIXI application’s map of Greater Montreal will locate the station nearest you and show you how many bikes and bike docks are available. Fancy an electric BIXI? Be on the lookout for stations with a lightning bolt icon and check the battery level of the electric BIXI bikes at your chosen station. That way you’ll never be disappointed! The BIXI application is also one of the only ways to rent an electric bike, in addition to allowing you to rent regular bikes.

Download the BIXI application

Take control of your trips

Do you find that you lose track of time when you’re riding a BIXI? It isn’t hard to do! Just hop on the REV, cross 2-3 boroughs, ride through the parks and bam! You can’t remember how long you’ve been riding. And the last thing we want is to subject you to unexpected charges! Fortunately, the BIXI application is equipped with a timer that starts as soon as your rental begins. Just check it from time to time (for example, while waiting at a traffic light) to find out the exact duration of your trip and correctly estimate the cost. When you return your BIXI to a station, you will also receive a notification confirming that it’s correctly locked in place. You won’t be charged for one extra minute. And that’s highly reassuring!

Download the BIXI application

Access your statistics

Curious about how far you’ve travelled, how long you’ve cycled, the number of calories you’ve burned, or the number of trips you’ve made? The BIXI application is a gold mine of information! Logging in to your profile gives you access to all the details of your last trip and provides information about every trip you’ve taken since you started using BIXI. Need help understanding your bill? No problem, the price of each trip (minus the unlocking fees, if you are an occasional user) will be displayed.

Share your member benefits with friends!

The BIXI application is for everyone. However, as a member, you benefit from some extra advantages when you use it! Want to be useful and earn rewards? Join Amis BIXI! By taking a bike from a full station or returning a bike from an empty station, you’ll be helping us rebalance the BIXI network. When you reach a certain number of points, we’ll gift you free one-way rides for your friends as a thank you. Feeling generous, but haven’t yet accumulated enough points? Invite your friends to join you with Group Ride! By pressing the icon featuring 2 silhouettes—on the main screen of the BIXI application—you can add one-way rides to your credit card and unlock up to 3 bikes. It’s fun to discover the city alone, and it’s even better with 2 friends!

What about the BIXI key?

Starting in the 2021 season, new members will see the key replaced by the BIXI application. While this decision was made out of concern for the environment, i.e., to avoid wasting plastic, it also offers you a better BIXI experience thanks to the benefits mentioned above!

Still have a key from a previous membership? Take advantage of the BIXI application, which complements it! You’ll have access to a timer to plan your trips, receive notification that your bike has been returned, and have the option of reviewing your trip statistics, even when your rental is made using the key.

Ready to go for a ride?

Get the BIXI application, then find and rent your bike!


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