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Published on 2018-05-15

Free BIXI Sundays offered by Manulife are back!

BIXI trips are free on the last Sunday of the month, from May to October! 

Rent a BIXI for one-way trips of up to 30 minutes each. 

On the occasion of the first Free BIXI Sunday of the season on May 27, enjoy Montreal Museums Day! Visit over a hundred exhibitions through 31 museums for free. To discover the program of the event, visit

Top 4 exhibitions not to be missed:

  1. Do not miss the presentation of the interactive installations of the last 10 years of the artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer at the Musée d'art contemporain. A must see !
  2. Travel to Egypt at the Pointe-à-Callière Museum and visit the Queens of Egypt  exhibition. Through more than 350 objects, you will discover the fascinating destiny of these women.
  3. The Stewart Museum presents Paris on Display: in 18th-Century Boutiques, an exhibition including 250 decorative and historical objects and about sixty prints that will make you discover the most popular Parisian boutiques of the time.
  4. See the Cosmic Collisions show with the kids at the Planétarium Rio Tinto Alcan. The encounters between celestial objects can sometimes be explosive!


  1. Go to the pay station at any of the 540 BIXI stations between 12:00 am and 11:59 pm. [ Download the BIXI app or visit the station map to find a station near you.]
  2. Insert your credit card, select “$0 One-way” and follow the instructions on the screen. *A $20 deposit per bike will be held for up to 10 days.
  3. After completing the transaction, type in the code you received into the keypad on the left side of the docking point of the BIXI bike of your choice. Go out and explore Montreal for up to a maximum of 30 minutes. Fees will apply if you go over the allotted period.
  4. Return your BIXI bike at any station and take out another as many times as you wish!

A big thank you to our partners!

Free BIXI Sundays are offered by Manulife, in collaboration with our health partner Rachelle Béry and La Presse+. Snacks are provided courtesy of our health partner Rachelle-Béry. Look for BIXI Manulife Valets this Sunday!

19:00AM – A cozy café : Réplika

Replika: © Replika

Located on the corner of Rachel and Laval, Café Réplika is one of those rare gems with a calm, laid-back atmosphere that seems designed for studying. You can start your day off right with a good breakfast and really get into the study groove. Réplika offers plenty of healthy and delicious food options all day long; we’d suggest you opt for the simit (a Turkish bagel) piled high with omega-3 rich, memory boosting smoked salmon alongside one of their amazing coffees. If you’re more of a sweet-toothed type, you’ll fall in love with their decadent sea salt Nutella cookies.

Replika, 252 Rachel street E.
Closest BIXI station : Rachel/Laval

28:30AM – Start The Day With A Coffee

Oui Mais Non
Oui Mais Non: © Oui Mais Non, Facebook

Oui Mais Non café on Jarry street is quite an unusual place, especially if you find yourself a seat in the basement. The comfortable couches, intimate lighting, books and games and unique décor create a cozy atmosphere, perfect for enjoying a tea or latte alongside a delicious homemade treat. Before heading out, get a little shopping done at the Oui Manon Boutique – you’re sure to find some local treasures!

Café Oui Mais Non, 72 Jarry street E
Closest BIXI Station: De Gaspé / Jarry

39:00AM – A Morning In Motion: Race Through Parc La Fontaine

When warm weather rolls around, it’s a lot easier to motivate yourself to get outside for a run! Wake up, chow down on a light breakfast, slide on your sneakers and push your pedals all the way to Parc La Fontaine! Boasting a 2.5km long perimeter, this urban racetrack is perfect for runners at any level of experience. While running, take time to wonder at the budding plants that will soon fully bloom, making future runs all the more scenic. Not only will this experience give you a serious breath of fresh air, alternating between cycling and running will help strengthen your leg muscles.

Parc La Fontaine, entre les rues Rachel et Sherbrooke et les avenues du Parc La Fontaine et Papineau
Closest BIXI Station: Rachel / Brébeuf

42:00PM – Café Paquebot

Café Paquebot
© Paquebot

Yes, we wake up late, because we go to bed late (see item number 5). We start our day with a coffee at Paquebot, a charming little spot in Petit-Patrie. We’re huge fans of their draft cold brew, a tasty chilled coffee served like a pint of stout. Not a coffee fan? Try their lemonade or draft iced tea, two refreshing new additions to their menu that pair perfectly with a sunny afternoon.

Café Paquebot, 2110 rue Bélanger
Closest BIXI Station: Des Érables / Bélanger

5Picnic at La Fontaine Park - 11am

Come on down to see us at the BIXI Rachel/Brébeuf Station at La Fontaine Park on May 29 from 11 a.m. onwards. There will be healthy snacks on site, courtesy of Rachelle-Béry, as well as free coffee from Café Liegeois. 

Free BIXI Sundays

610 am – Take The Time To Take Your Time Enjoying A Good Coffee

Café Montréal
© Café Olimpico

You have every right to take your time waking up on a weekend morning! It’s the one time of week you can sit down and pour over the newspaper, flip through a magazine or get your nose in a good book. Head over to Café Olympico, a true Mile End institution that serves some of the best Italian coffee in town. In summer months, take the time to lounge outside while getting a good dose of vitamin D. There’s no better way to start your day than with a cappuccino, croissant and a good read!

Café Olimpico, 124 Saint-Viateur Street W.

Closest BIXI Station : Waverly / Saint-Viateur

78:00 AM – A Croissant (Or Two): Le Pain Dans Les Voiles

This bakery didn’t take the title of “best baguette” for nothing! The artisans at Au Pain Dans Les Voiles work hard to stay on top of the game. There’s nothing better than a fresh croissant to start your day off right! As someone who’s done a croissant tour of the city, I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed. 

Le Pain Dans Les Voiles, 357 de Castelneau street E.
Closest BIXI Station: Henri Julien / Castelneau

© Mah S., Foodologie
© Mah S., Foodologie

© Mah S., Foodologie
© Mah S., Foodologie

810:00 AM – Treat Yourself at Goplana Bakery

Let’s start with an early-ish breakfast on the Lachine Canal. Steps away from Charlevoix metro, you’ll find this hidden gem of a Polish bakery, packed with all kinds of perfect picnic treats. Goplana’s got it all – ice cream, sandwiches, imported speciality products, the works! Here’s where we pick up a little healthy-enough breakfast – their homemade croissants and chocolatines are always hot and fresh first thing in the morning!

Pâtisserie Goplana, 2188 Rue Centre
Closest BIXI Station: Island / Centre

© Luc Brissette
© Luc Brissette

910:00 AM – Au Festin de Babette

There’s no better way to kick off your great escape than with a nice, relaxing coffee. At Babette’s, time stands still as you take in your surroundings – get lost in their family-friendly atmosphere and charming French décor. If the weather’s nice, settle into a spot on their terrace. If not, take a seat inside and watch the people stroll by on St-Denis. Try one of their amazing brunches, each named after a neighbouring street (our favourite is the Drolet). If you’re feeling extra indulgent, savour one of their decadent hot chocolates!

Au Festin de Babette, 4085 Rue Saint-Denis
Closest BIXI Station: Duluth / St-Denis


1012:00PM – Take A Sandwich To Go at La Fabrique Arhoma

I highly suggest you start your day by stopping off at La Fabrique Arhoma, aka the-best-bakery-on-earth. You’ll find tons of local products, a selection of Quebec-made cheeses, breathtaking baked goods and, of course, the best bread and pastries ever. I’m a huge fan of this neighbourhood bakery. Get a delicious sandwich to go and head to the Old Port to picnic by the water!

La Fabrique Arhoma, 1700, rue Ontario E.

Closest Bixi Station: Champlain/Ontario 

© Martina Muller
© Martina Muller


12First stop: Marché Jean-Talon


BIXI station: Henri-Julien / Jean-Talon

First, we suggest stopping at the classic Marché Jean-Talon to get some goodies to go. There is everything you could possibly desire. From fancy cheeses and deli meats to sweet pastries and exotic treats, there is something for everyone. Discover the taste of Marché Jean-Talon and its artisans. You won’t be disappointed. Grab a BIXI, place your bags in the front basket and make your way to Oui mais Non café.

131:00PM – A peaceful green oasis: Concordia Greenhouse

At this time of year, your eyes could use a good dose of chlorophyll! When spring finals roll around, Concordia’s greenhouse is the most relaxing, rejuvenating green space in the city. Located on the 13th floor of the Henry H. Hall building, the greenhouse opens its doors each Fall semester and closes at the beginning of May. It’s a sight for sore eyes at any time of year, but being able to study while surrounded by aloe, cactuses and grapefruit trees makes us extra thankful for its existence during exam season. Bonus: you get an amazing view of Montreal’s impressive urban skyline while being surrounded by the city’s more organic wonders.

The Concordia Greenhouse, 1455 Boulevard de Maisonneuve O., 13th Floor
Closest BIXI Station: de Maisonneuve/Mackay

1411:00AM – Get Your Zen On

Getting to a yoga class by bike is the perfect way to gently wake up your body. Get comfortable on your yoga mat, relax and take some time to get in touch with your senses, breathe and focus on yourself.

Studio Soham, 306 Villeray street
Closest BIXI Station: Drolet / Villeray

Ou Yoga Bhavana, 304 Faillon street E.
Closest BIXI Station: Faillon / St-Denis

153:00PM – An Aquatic Afternoon: Schubert Pool

Built in the early 1930s, the Schubert Pool is a true Montreal landmark. A staple of the Plateau and beloved by residents of the borough, this historic public bath has an indoor pool that extends nearly 25 meters long. Dive in and relieve the tension in your muscles from earlier this morning, then swim a few laps to make them even stronger. Better yet, just like the majority of Montreal’s indoor public pools, entry is completely free. There’s absolutely no reason not to take the plunge!

Piscine Schubert, 3950 St-Laurent boulevard
Closest BIXI Station: Duluth / Saint-Laurent

163:30PM – Librairie Raffin

Librairie Raffin
© Marie-Charlotte Aubin

I’m a big reader. Not only am I a big reader, I’m the kind of reader who tries to support independent bookstores and emerging publishing houses as much as possible. Raffin is a great place to find all kinds of local literary gems and the savvy staff always have amazing novels, essays and other magical manuscripts to recommend!

Librairie Raffin, 6330 Saint-Hubert
Closest BIXI Station: Chateaubriand / Beaubien

17Montreal Museums Day

Montreal Museums Day is the perfect opportunity to visit a museum that you've never explored before, or to visit your favourite museum all over again. And all this free of charge! View the interactive map of the museums near a BIXI station.

1812 pm – Picnic at Jeanne-Mance Park

© Tiphanie Ertz
© Tiphanie Ertz

If you’re in the mood to enjoy one of Montreal’s many green spaces, head to Jeanne-Mance Park for a picnic. Pack your BIXI’s front basket full of delicious treats and laze in the grass. Don’t forget to bring your Frisbee!

Closest BIXI Station : Jeanne Mance Park (George-Étienne Cartier monument)

199:00 AM – A Relaxing Stop: Read in Parc Beaubien

This is the only really relaxing moment of the day. But you’ve gotta do it right in order to prepare for what’s to come! This calm Outremont park is one of the best spots to read, relax and soak up some sun without having to deal with typical park traffic. Parc Beaubien might not be the size of Parc Lafontaine or Jarry, but when you’re lounging next to its cute little pond, you won’t be missing the big guys.

Closest BIXI Station: Stuart / Cote-Ste-Catherine

2011:30 AM - Cruise Along The Lachine Canal

Take some time to admire the enchanting borders of Saint-Henri, the Atwater Market and Griffintown, or simply stop off and watch the water flow through the canal. What a way to cap off the morning! Sprawl out on a blanket and listen to some music, or invite some good company along for the ride. It’s a great way to discover the city without feeling too touristy. 

2111:30 AM – Lachine Canal

Hop on a BIXI and head straight down to the Old Port. Once you’ve reached the docks, take the scenic, tree-lined bike path along the canal. It’s a true pleasure! Take in views of downtown and the Farine Five Roses factory, stop for a selfie with some ducks and sprawl out on the grass for a few minutes. Here, the atmosphere is calm and quiet, perfect for clearing your head and enjoying an astounding view of our beautiful city. 

222:00PM – An Afternoon Coffee At Tommy Café

After strolling along the waterfront and doing a little window-shopping at beyond-your-budget boutiques, I’d suggest getting a good coffee at Tommy. The décor is amazing, as are the people who work there. Take time to savour your delicious drink and make sure to document your delightful experience on Instagram.

Tommy, 200 rue Notre-Dame O.

Closest BIXI Station: Saint-Jacques/Saint-Pierre

© Mah S., Foodologie
© Mah S., Foodologie


24Second stop: Oui mais Non café

BIXI station: De Gaspé / Jarry

Located just a few minutes from Jarry Park, Oui mais Non café is the perfect spot to get something to drink. How about an iced tea or a coffee?

254:00PM – Treat Yourself

Cookie Stéfanie
Cookie Stéfanie: © Cookie Stéfanie

After a long day of studying, take a quick trip to Cookie Stéfanie on rue Saint-Jacques and indulge in a sweet treat. Reward your overworked brain by taking a moment to savour one of their mouth-watering gluten free treats and feel your blood sugar restore itself instantly. Crunchy cookies, decadent cupcakes, gourmet carrot cakes… this dreamy little place is teeming with treat options, each one as delicious as the last. Good luck deciding between them all!

Cookie Stéfanie, 272 Saint-Jacques street
Closest BIXI Station : Saint-Jacques/Saint-Pierre

261:00PM – Time To Re-energize

Beaufort café is the perfect spot for lunch, brunch or even a quick cup of coffee. It’s got a zen atmosphere and delicious food. It’s impossible not to fall for this café’s charms; not only is the decor easy on the eyes, it really adds to the spot’s relaxing vibe.

Beaufort café, 414 Saint Zotique street E.
Closest BIXI Station : Drolet / St-Zotique

27The Sports Bar: Ping Pong Club

Ping Pong Club
Ping Pong Club: © Ping Pong Club, Facebook

Ping Pong Club
Ping Pong Club: © Ping Pong Club, Facebook

After drying off, meet a few friends at Ping Pong Club for some snacks and drinks in a setting more active than most. The bar is located in Montreal’s creative hub, the Mile End. Warm and inviting, this spot is also worth stopping by for its recreational activities, including ping pong, baby-foot and Mississippi… it’s hard not to have fun. The menu consists of a variety of sharable delights that will be especially exciting if you’re craving something crunchy and fried. Special mention goes out to the bar’s addictive Gouda Bombs that’ll leave you licking your fingers and wishing for more. In the summertime, there’s nothing more satisfying than securing a spot on the terrace at the corner of St. Laurent and Bernard.

Ping Pong Club, 5788 St. Laurent boulevard
Closest BIXI Station: Bernard / Clark

284:30PM – Boutique LOWELL


If you’re not familiar with the LOWELL MTL boutique, you’re missing out! Are you a fan of streetwear and affordable intelligent design? Well, so am I, and that’s why this is one of my favourite places to shop; it also doesn’t hurt that the owners reserve an extra visible display spot for local products! Not only can you snag a super-cray-cray LOWELL bag at the boutique, you can also shop for clothes by Odeyalo, Les petards products, Ville-Marie candles, PONY gear… basically, everything we love at LPM!

LOWELL, 5364 boulevard Saint-Laurent
Closest BIXI Station: Maguire / Saint-Laurent

29Montreal Comic Arts Festival at Espace La Fontaine

Montreal Comic Arts Festival: comic book lovers unite! Come out and meet the authors, attend fascinating seminars, creative workshops and much more.

305 pm – Take A Break For Board Games And Beverages

Colonel Moutarde jeu de société Montréal
© Hugo B. Lefort

Le Colonel Moutard on St-Denis has dozens and dozens of board games for their (grown up) customers to enjoy! Get into a game with your friends, all while enjoying an excellent cocktail made with local ingredients and some seriously sensational snacks. The Mazrous recommend their Slavic pizza (made with a beet purée), grilled cheese, Guinness house chilli or beef bourguignon. Seriously - when was the last time you actually played Clue?

Le Colonel Moutarde, 4418 Saint-Denis Street

Closest BIXI Station: Mont-Royal Metro (Rivard / Mont-Royal)

3112:00PM - Quick Course: Gourmet Pressé at l’Ateliers & Saveurs

It’s noon, which means it’s time for lunch in the Old Port! In case you aren’t already familiar, Ateliers & Saveurs offers a lunch hour special (which, in my opinion, is simply excellent) that consists of taking a quick, 30 minute cooking class followed by a half hour meal. You’ll learn an easy and delicious recipe that you’ll get the chance to taste afterwards. All this for the same price as a regular meal in the neighbourhood… maybe even less!

Ateliers & Saveurs, 444 Rue Saint-Francois-Xavier
Closest BIXI Station: Saint-Antoine / Saint-Francois-Xavier

© Mah S., Foodologie
© Mah S., Foodologie

© Mah S., Foodologie
© Mah S., Foodologie

3212:30 PM – Delight in the Deliciousness of Patrice Patissier

Lunchtime is just around the corner, and we’re getting hungry. Let’s go! Ride on over to the other side of the Lachine Canal and we’ll find ourselves on Notre-Dame street. Between a parking lot and a dry cleaner, tucked away in a less-than-inviting building, is Patrice Pâtissier. Don’t let the name fool you – they have so much more than just sweets. The lunch menu varies, but each and every dish is guaranteed to satisfy even the biggest of foodies. And, while we’re here, why not have a bite of cheesecake or pie? Or maybe a soft, gooey cookie?

Patrice Pâtissier, 2360 Notre-Dame O.
Closest BIXI Station: Lionel Groulx Metro (Lionel-Groulx / Charlevoix)

© Mickaël A. Bandassak
© Mickaël A. Bandassak

*Note: we very well could have taking another route instead and picked up a picnic basket at Machiavelli, across from Goplana. It’s a French restaurant with one of the best hidden terraces in all of Montreal that serves amazing brunches, dinners and take-out picnic baskets for two (including a mason jar of sangria mix). But, since we want to cover ground and explore, we’ll keep moving!

Machiavelli, 2601 Rue Centre
Closest BIXI Station: Charlevoix Metro (Centre / Charlevoix)


3312:00 PM – Atwater Market

It’s such a joy to explore the rows of the Atwater Market. We at MMM tackle the place in three steps:
1) We begin by strolling along the inside section of the market. Our mouths start watering the second we lay our eyes on the offerings laid out by butchers, cheese shops, bakeries and other fine grocers. We buy a few gourmet treats.
2) We chow down on one of the Satay Brothers’ famous buns and immediately feel as though we’ve been transported to Asia. Yum! (
3) We walk around the outdoor portion of the place, taking in the sights and smells of fresh flowers and plants. Who knows, we might even splurge on some seasonal fruits!

Atwater Market, 138 Ave. Atwater
Closest BIXI Station: Saint-Émilie / Atwater or Atwater / Rufus Rockhead

343:30PM – Take A Tour Of DHC/ART

What’s cool about DHC/ART is that entry is free (oh yeah!) and the programming is eclectic. Wander around the beautiful exhibition space, located in a super-chic Old Port office building, constructed in the 1920 and later converted into a contemporary art gallery.  From October 15 to November 12, you can even check out Bjork Digital, an immersive, virtual reality exhibition celebrating the work of the Icelandic artist, created in collaboration with the Red Bull Music Academy. Entry for this exhibition is $20 for adults and $15 for students, but it’s definitely money well spent! Take note that the museum is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

DHC/ART Foundation For Contemporary Art, 451 rue Saint Jean

Closest BIXI Station: Saint-Nicolas / Place d’Youville

© George Fok
© George Fok


36Third stop: Jarry Park

Bordered by Saint-Laurent Boulevard to the east, Gary-Carter Street to the south and Jarry Street to the north.

After your coffee break, take a walk over to the picnic area for a snack. Located in Villeray, Jarry Park is surrounded by great boutiques and restaurants to discover. It also has a large grassy area where you can sit and relax. You can enjoy the warm weather and fresh air to your heart’s content.

377:00PM - End of a study-filled day: Le Cagibi

Le Cagibi
Le Cagibi: © Alexi Hobbs,

This is the last stop on your journey before heading home for some well-deserved sleep! Located in the Mile End, le Cagibi is a charming and unpretentious vegetarian café, perfect for ploughing through a paper or revising that reading you’ve been having a hard time with. Thrift store furnishings and fresh plants help make for a particularly homey atmosphere. The varied menu boasts a bevy of organic options made with local ingredients. For dinner, try a bowl of beans and rice or a sandwich on whole grain bread; treat your brain (and body!) to something filled with fresh vegetables and good starches. Once your gaze starts shifting towards the street beyond the big bay window more often than the work in front of you, it’s time to pack up your things call it a day!

Le Cagibi, 5490 St-Laurent Boulevard
Closest BIXI Station: Clark/Saint-Viateur

384:00PM - Head To Ovarium Spa

We often forget make time to take care of ourselves, but now we’re taking time for a massage. Today is all about pampering ourselves, after all! Melt away stress and soothe those sore post-cycling muscles, or use this time to attend to your innermost thoughts. Choose a massage, spa treatment or time in a floatation bath. No matter your choice, look forward to complete relaxation!

Spa Ovarium, 400 Beaubien street E.
Closest BIXI station: Drolet / Beaubien

396:30PM – The Refined Restaurant: Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara: © Melissa Campbell

Once night falls, grab a corner table at Santa Barbra and unwind. With walls covered in ocean green panels, sculptures of saints and subdued lighting, this restaurant encourages patrons to relax and settle in. Their menu, which changes seasonally, is made up of dishes that are healthy, nutritious, and delicious. There’s no better way to rejuvenate after a long day of physical activity! And, because a healthy lifestyle and moderate alcohol consumption aren’t mutually exclusive, feel free to treat yourself to one of their exquisite, colourful cocktails. The second you leave this spot, you’ll look forward to coming back and making even more delicious discoveries.

Santa Barbara, 6696 de Saint-Vallier street
Closest BIXI Station : de Saint-Vallier / Saint-Zotique

406:00PM – Manitoba Restaurant

Restaurant Manitoba
© Maxyme G. Delisle

The Manitoba team works almost exclusively with local products : the establishment specializes in terroir cuisine and aims to help us reconnect with our aboriginal roots. The menu touts ingredients like wild mushrooms, dandelions, cranberries, caribou lichen and Labrador tea, all foraged from our very own (and very beautiful) Boreal forest ! In terms of meat, expect game of all kinds, as well as things like wild hare and mackerel, for example. We also love that they work with fresh, seasonal vegetables. In short : Manitoba is truly A+.

Restaurant Manitoba, 271 St-Zotique O.
Closest BIXI Station: Waverly / St-Zotique

41Great Gardening Weekend at the Botanical garden

The Botanical garden has something to delight all gardening aficionados.  It's the perfect time to gather tips and tricks to try out on your own little gardening paradise at home.

© Espace pour la vie
© Espace pour la vie

429 pm – Travel Through Time By Hitting The Arcade

© Yannick Grandmont
© Yannick Grandmont

Keep this playful night going by getting your game on in a whole other universe. Why not get retro by giving pinball a go? If you’re anything like us, you’ll find yourself yelling when the ball drops before you’ve hit as many points as you had hoped… Plus, the machines only accept $1 coins, staying true to their original era. Guaranteed good times!

North Star Pinball, 3908 Saint-Laurent Boulevard

Closest BIXI Station: Napoleon / St-Dominique

433:00 PM – Dessert or a Snack: Havre-Aux-Glaces at the Atwater Market

After all that work, it’s time for a treat (pedalling is tiring!). Reward yourself with a little stop off for dessert or a snack at the Atwater Market. At Havre-Aux-Glaces, you’ll find amazing ice creams and sorbets. Everything is so good that you might not be able to control yourself.

Havre-Aux-Glaces, 138 Avenue Atwater
Closest BIXI Station: Atwater Market 

© Mah S., Foodologie
© Mah S., Foodologie

© Mah S., Foodologie
© Mah S., Foodologie

44Follow That Bike Path!

Now’s the time to hop on your BIXI and head east to get a glimpse of the Old Port’s glorious architecture. Look out for tourists, though – they tend to flock to the area! You might break a sweat biking up Berri, but a little exercise never hurt anyone, right? Bike through downtown and take a breather in the Village. 

452:00 PM – Bota Bota

After such an active day, you deserve a little break. What better way to escape than hopping aboard a boat? I promise this one won’t bring you anywhere too far from home physically, but you’ll definitely feel as though you’ve found yourself in a whole new, relaxing country, surrounded by Scandinavian décor. Bota Bota is the most zen destination in the entire city. Alternate between hot and cold baths, saunas and hammams, then take a little nap on one of their hammocks, on the bridge, or in the garden. You’ll emerge as a totally transformed (and intensely chilled out) person.

Bota Bota, Old Port of Montreal, Entrance at the corner of McGill and de la Commune
Closest BIXI Station: de la Commune / McGill

bota bota spa montréal
© Mah S., Foodologie

466:00PM – Eat Fancy Pizzas at Moleskine

When we think about cheap eats, we almost always think of pizza. If you’re looking to elevate the pizza eating experience a little, Moleskine is the perfect place. Not only is the restaurant brand new and uber-trendy, it also offers an array of amazing pizzas and an A+ atmosphere. The Nordika, topped with leek cream, Matane shrimp and chilli peppers, makes me want to spend the rest of my life in the place. After dinner, I highly suggest you pop next door to Note Bene and check out some of their gorgeous notebooks and stationary.

Restaurant Moleskine, 3412 avenue du Parc

Closest BIXI Station: Hutchison/Sherbrooke 

© Dominique Lafond
© Dominique Lafond

477:00PM – Wind Down At Cinéma Beaubien

Cinéma Beaubien
Cinéma Beaubien: © Shanti Loiselle

To cap off this relaxing day while keeping self-care in mind, head to the movies. What better way to finish off an already amazing day than by sinking into a comfy chair in a cozy environment and taking in a film? Going to the movies is the perfect way to settle into your own little bubble while getting lost in someone else’s story.

Cinéma Beaubien, 2396 Beaubien street E.
Closest BIXI Station: Louis Hébert / Beaubien

489:00PM – Village au Pied-du-Courant

Village au Pied-du-Courant
© Jean-Michael Seminaro

Full disclosure: the fact it’s my summer job leads me to be partial to the place, but hey: when it comes to local treasures, the Village is the place to be, starting June 2. Local designers and architects are responsible for every installation on site, the spot’s soundtrack is teeming with Montreal talent and its bar is stocked with specialties produced right here in Quebec! Grab a drink, explore the site and don’t be afraid to get your feet sandy: it’s also the perfect place to bring a date. 

Village au Pied-du-Courant, 2100 Notre-Dame E., opens June 2, 2016.
Closest BIXI Station: Parthenais / Sainte-Catherine

49Ride alongside the Canal

The bike path along the Lachine Canal is a great place to go riding and enjoy the view. You can stop for a snack at the Atwater Market or the Old Port to take in the sites. 

5011:30 pm – Salon Daomé To Let Loose a Little… Ok, A Lot

© Salon Daomé
© Salon Daomé

Located in the heart of the Plateau, this spot is the crown jewel of Mont-Royal street.

Lovers of local electro artists come here to dance until the wee hours of the morning. Daomé’s chill ambience makes it the perfect place to meet new people – if you’re planning a night out on the town, hitting up this spot is an absolute must! We hear their Sunday nights are the best of the week, which is awesome if you don’t have Monday morning commitments. Check it out and let us know!

Le Salon Daomé, 141 Mont-Royal avenue E.

Closest BIXI Station: Bullion / Mont-Royal

515:00 PM – Have A Drink And Wrap Up Your Day: Terrace St-Ambroise

After a little ride by the canal, what could be better than a final stop at the St-Ambroise terrasse? Could you really ask for anything more than a cold beer after a day like today? You’ll also have the chance to try different local brews (and get a glimpse at where they’re made). Plus, you’re in luck – because you’re on a BIXI, you don’t have to worry about finding a place to park your bike!

Terrasse St-Ambroise, 5080 Rue Saint-Ambroise
Closest BIXI Station: Palm / St-Remi

© Terrasse St-Ambroise
© Terrasse St-Ambroise

© Terrasse St-Ambroise
© Terrasse St-Ambroise


522:00 PM – Sunbathe at Sky

All this exercise is making us thirsty. Let’s drop off our BIXIs at the closest docking spot and head to the rooftop terrace at Sky, a little spot that offers us an amazing view of the Village, a Tiki bar and a few different, delicious takes on sangria (note: they only take cash). Whether you choose their blue (sweet), white (fruity) or red (classic) mix, it’s always nice to enjoy a glass of sangria under the sun with a good soundtrack. Once we’re done, we’ll hope on our BIXIs and head to our dinner destination!

Complexe Sky, 1474 Sainte-Catherine E. street
Closest BIXI Station : Alexandre-DeSève / Maisonneuve 

© Steven Smith Simard
© Steven Smith Simard

536:00 PM – Le LAB 2

It’s time to cap off our dreamy day with a delicious cocktail. One of our favourite bars, Le LAB, now has a space in the Quartier des spectacles. We recommend the Lemon in the Sky (lemon meringue pie) or the Casse Noisette, but all of their drinks are equally delicious! With good music and a great atmosphere, this place will make you feel like you’re at the prohibition era’s best party.

Le LAB 2, 279 rue. Ste-Catherine E.
Closest BIXI Station: Sanguinet / Ste-Catherine

© Le Lab Comptoir à Cocktails_qds_
© Le Lab Comptoir à Cocktails_qds_

If you’re the adventurous type, keep the night going with dinner and a show at Place des Arts. The rest of us will head home to rest our heads, now filled with images of our stunning city and our many moments of ultimate escape.

Have a great ride!

549:00PM – An 1860’s Inspired Nightcap at Mayfair

To finish off your day, head over to Mayfair and enjoy a cocktail (or two) in their luxurious salon with a 19th century flare. A combination cocktail bar/tearoom, the Mayfair touts a very tasty (and trendy!) drink menu. It’s the perfect place to pretend you’re a rich member of the bourgeoisie back in the early 1900s. I love Pimm’s and I love cucumber so, in my opinion, the Duke of York is the perfect cocktail to help bring my day to a very classy end. 

Mayfair, 451 rue Rachel E.

Closest BIXI Station: Rivard/Rachel 

© Mayfair
© Mayfair

55Montreal Street Art on St-Laurent Boulevard

With their bright and vivid colours, the street murals on St-Laurent Boulevard, between Sherbrooke and Mont-Royal streets, are real gems to the eyes. Take a ride around and stop to appreciate the artwork as some of the murals will disappear soon with the new grandiose works of art that will take their place during the MURAL festival from June 9 to 19, 2016.

© BIXI Montréal
© BIXI Montréal

566:00 PM – Refuel At Les Affamés

The bike path along Notre-Dame brings us all the way to Sainte-Catherine. A little past boulevard Pie-IX, we find the always-inviting Les Affamés. This little neighbourhood bistro offers so many tasty things to try. Whether it’s quail or a complex summer salad, everything is balanced and prepared to perfection. Don’t go overboard on the bread and try their three-course menu, which includes a delectable deer tartar (I’m a huge fan).

Les Affamés, 4137 Rue Sainte-Catherine E.
Closest BIXI Station: Lasalle / Ste-Catherine

© Renaud Robert
© Renaud Robert

57560 KM and 21 Swings installed at the Quartier des spectacles

The last day to experience the 560 KM and 21 Swings available in the Quartier des spectacles. Two fun, artistic installations that you won't want to miss!

© Quartier des spectacles
© Quartier des spectacles

58Dance with your Friends at Piknic Électronik

Sundays in Montreal go hand in hand with electronic music. Piknic Électronik and Jean-Drapeau Park offer you a thrilling experience like no other.

59Party Games at Jardins Gamelin

Meet up with your friends at Jardins Gamelin to play outdoor party games. What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

© Ulysse Lemerise
© Ulysse Lemerise

60Tam-Tams at Mount Royal

Montreal wouldn't be Montreal without this summertime classic!

Written by : Manulife team