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The electric bike can be rented as a regular BIXI, at the additional cost of $1 per trip whether you are a BIXI member or a casual user!

Only $1 more per ride!

For every ride done with an electric bike, an additional dollar will be charged.

For BIXI members, all additional rental charges for riding an electric bike will be charged at the end of the billing cycle, which is the 20th day of each month.

3 ways to rent:

They are 3 ways to rent an electric BIXI: with the BIXI key, through the BIXI app or with a preregistered OPUS card. To register your card:

  • Click on "Subscribe"
  • Select the "OPUS Access" option

Spot an electric BIXI in real-time!

On the BIXI app, the station hosting an electric bike will be displayed by a lightning pictogram.

*Please note that you cannot rent electric BIXI at the pay station. 


There are three ways to rent an electric BIXI:

1- With the BIXI app

2- With the BIXI key

3- With the pre-registered OPUS card

* You can not rent an electric BIXI at the pay station


Special fare

For every ride done with an electric bike one additional dollar will be charged.


Don't forget to put your helmet on!

It's mandatory if you want to ride an electric bike. 


Unlock a bike

At the docking point, dial your unlocking code or insert your BIXI key to rent an electric bike.



Ride and respect the Highway Safety Code.



Return the bike to any of the 600 BIXI stations. Push the front wheel firmly into an empty bike dock.

IMPORTANT: Make sure the green light comes on after docking the bike. 

Few rules to make sure you’ll ride SAFELY

Wear a helmet when you ride an electric bike. It's mandatory!

• Respect the Highway Safety Code

• Signal your intentions

• Drive in the direction of traffic

• Remove your earphones

• Stay visible and alert at all times

Find an electric bike in real time

On the BIXI app, the station hosting an electric bike will be displayed by a lightning pictogram.

Frequently asked questions

If you need help, don't hesitate to contact us.

1 - Why should I use an electric BIXI?

To get from one station to another—quickly and easily

Because it’s fun. It’s like riding with the wind at your back.

Because it’s new and innovative.

2 - How can I rent an electric BIXI?

There are three ways to rent an electric BIXI bicycle:

1- Through the BIXI app

2- By using a BIXI key

3- By using a preregistered OPUS card

*You can’t rent an electric BIXI directly from the rental terminal

3 - How much does it cost to rent an electric BIXI?

BIXI members:

You will automatically be billed an additional $1 for every ride you take on an electric BIXI bicycle. Additional usage fees apply if you go beyond the allotted time.

Casual users:

An additional $1 will be added to the usual $2.99 fee for renting a regular BIXI. In other words, it will cost $1 + $2.99 to rent an electric BIXI for less than 30 minutes.

Electric BIXI bicycles can be rented using a BIXI key, the BIXI app or a preregistered OPUS card.

* The conditions of use and rental are the same as for a regular BIXI. Additional fees apply after 30 minutes for an occasional user and after 45 minutes for a BIXI member. A $100 security deposit applies to occasional users.

4 - For how long can I rent an electric BIXI?

Casual users: 30 minutes or less.
BIXI members: 45 minutes or less.

5 - Can I get a ticket for riding an electric BIXI without a helmet?

Failing to wear a protective helmet is a violation of the Highway Safety Code. You may be fined up to $100.

6 - Can I ride anywhere on an electric BIXI?

According to the Highway Safety Code, you may ride on public roads, except for highways and highway access roads. Electric BIXI bicycles can also be ridden on bike paths. But remember, sidewalks are for pedestrians only.

7 - How fast can an electric BIXI go?

BIXI Montréal has limited the bicycles’ top speed to 32 km/h in order to ensure the safety of all users.

8 - Are there any special safety rules that apply to using an electric BIXI?

The Highway Safety Code has established special rules for riding electric bicycles:

- You must wear a protective helmet that meets government safety standards 

- You must be 14 years of age or older.

- Users between the ages of 14 and 17 years of age must have a class 6D licence authorizing them to drive a moped. No licence is required for users 18 years of age or older.

Users must obey the Highway Safety Code at all times. For more details, visit saaq.gouv.qc.ca

9 - How do I know if the battery on the electric BIXI is sufficiently charged?

If the battery level is too low, the electric bicycle will automatically be locked at the dock and won’t be available to rent.

10 - What should I do if the electric BIXI’s battery dies or the bicycle gets damaged?

Depending on the situation, if the bicycle is damaged due to an accident, call 911 or the BIXI Montréal customer service line at 514 789-2494 or 1-877-820-2453 (open 24/7).

Otherwise, if the battery has been completely drained, simply return the bicycle to any BIXI station and press the wrench button on the dock or call us at 1-514-789-2494 or 1-877-820-2453 (open 24/7).

11 - In case of emergency, how do I turn off the electric assistance mode?

To manually turn off electric assistance, simply press the start button on the handlebar stem and hold it down for five (5) seconds. The button will flash blue when motor is turned off.

It’s not necessary to turn the motor off after each use. The motor automatically stops when it hasn’t been used for five (5) minutes.

12 - Can I reserve an electric BIXI?

No, you can’t reserve an electric BIXI bicycle.

However, you can search in real-time for a docking station that has an available electric BIXI using the BIXI app.

13 - Why did you choose to add electric bicycles to the current BIXI Montréal network?

This initiative aligns with BIXI Montreal’s mission and vision of modernizing urban mobility through an active, accessible, innovative and collaborative experience. 

We’re responding to the growing demand for self-service electric bicycles. This trend has taken the world by storm: Barcelona, Paris, San Francisco, and many more. 

BIXI Montréal has taken the plunge and will be joining the electric movement as we introduce a fleet of some 100 electric BIXI bicycles to the current network. 

Introducing electric bicycles to the current BIXI network will have a number of benefits. Electric BIXI bicycles will:

Help improve urban mobility and public transportation throughout Montreal (by relieving traffic congestion).

Give locals an alternative low-cost, accessible and innovative option for getting around the city. This new form of transportation has various ecological, economic, societal and physical advantages.

Respond to the strong demand for BIXI self-service bicycles.

Attract new users (e.g. non-users, casual users, professionals, older people or those who are less fit).

Allow users to cover a longer distance in a shorter time.

Make getting around easier.

14 - Why will it cost a $1 more to rent an electric BIXI?

We settled on this amount after analyzing the costs associated with managing a fleet of a few hundred electric BIXI bicycles. This amount could change depending on the number of BIXI bicycles introduced to the network in the coming years.

15 - Why are electric BIXI bicycles being introduced randomly throughout the network?

Users can rent an electric BIXI at any BIXI station and return it to any other available docking station throughout the city. Since each rider can go where they want, when they want, electric BIXI bicycles are conveniently scattered throughout all four corners of the city. Additionally, being able to locate all BIXI bicycles when they’re docked at a station makes it easier for BIXI Montréal to recharge batteries and redistribute them throughout the BIXI network.

16 - What is an electric bicycle (electric power-assisted bicycle)?

It’s a bicycle that has been equipped with an electric motor and a rechargeable battery in order to help you pedal.

Electric assistance is automatically activated by pedalling. The motor will instantly provide just the right amount of power to boost your speed up to 32 km/h.


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