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Published on 2019-07-11

Do you have a one-year BIXI membership? You can now use your membership to rent up to four BIXI bikes for friends or family! Riding a bike just got way more fun!

BIXI is launching a new feature on its mobile app for all annual members: you can rent BIXI bikes for up to four extra people. Rentals are for 45 minutes and cost $2.95, charged to your credit card. Go for it, treat your friends! 


1- Download the mobile app.

2- Log in to your account.

3- Find the group icon in the lower right corner.

Capture d'écran Icone de groupe

4- Click on the icon and a window will appear where you can select the number of guests.

5- Once you’ve selected the number of guests, click on “OK, I understand” and then on “Pay.” Your credit card will be charged a one-way rate of $2.95 for each BIXI bike you rent. No security deposit is needed, but you’re morally responsible for making sure your friends return the bikes to a station and… that they have fun!*

Screen Cap Group Ride select a guest

6- An unlocking code will appear on your screen for your rented BIXI. A second code will appear for your guests. 

7- Enter the code on the keypad located on the left-hand side of the bike dock.

8- Bike the night away (not really, you just have 45 minutes, but it sounded cool!)

Invite your friends out for a coffee, ice cream or lemonade and tell them the BIXI ride’s on you! It’s a great way to get your loved ones to experience the fun of BIXI with you! 

* conditions are the same as the ones for your one-year membership

Written by : BIXI team