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Published on 2019-06-20

The AMIS BIXI are dedicated members or occasional BIXI riders who help improve bike and bike dock availability for other riders, while earning rewards along the way. We created this program to make distributing BIXIs throughout the network easier. Everyone can pitch in!

How does it work?

1- Download the mobile app and register

Start by download the mobile app. You’ll find a banner in the AMIS BIXI colours : you have to sign up to participate. 

First screen AMIS BIXI
First screen AMIS BIXI

Once your registration is confirmed by email, activate the “AMIS BIXI” option in your account settings on the mobile app. 

2 - Locate the stations that offer points

AMIS BIXI are able to accumulate points that can be exchanged for rewards. Find the symbols on the station map. Points are earned by renting bikes from crowded stations and bringing them back to stations that need more bikes. Watch your points climb just by riding from a full station to an empty one!

 Pointage AMIS BIXI
Pointage AMIS BIXI

In this example, the outward-pointing white arrow at the station on the corner of Robin and Saint-André means you will earn one point if you take a BIXI from this station. The black arrow at the station on the corner of St-André and Ontario means you’ll earn a point if you dock a bike at this station. And if you move a BIXI from the station on Robin street to Ontario street, you’ll collect two points!

For points to be granted, you have to obey the direction of the arrows (in vs out). Even if you bring a BIXI back to an empty station, it must be listed and identified in the mobile app.

3 - How to collect rewards

Each point is automatically added to your profile. Your points are tallied, and rewards are granted automatically.

For your first 10 points, you’ll get 24H free access for you or one of your friends. What a great opportunity for you to introduce someone you know to BIXI! 

For every set of 20 points you earn over the course of a given month, you’ll earn a free one-week extension on your subscription. You can earn up to four extensions per month—requiring 80 points.

Easy, eh?

How BIXI calculates the stations’ points

The number of points offered for a station is determined according to how many docks are free as well as how many bikes are inbound. For example, there’s a good chance you’ll get points from well-stocked stations at peak hours if you head against the flow of traffic!

The points shown on the map are updated every 15 minutes, starting on the hour and every 15 minutes after (e.g. 8:00 am, 8:15 am, 8:30 am, 8:45 am, etc.).

The points for the stations are locked once you start your trip. Even if the points shown change in the middle of your trip, you’ll still collect the points that were offered at the time you initiated your rental.

AMIS BIXI leaderboard

Admit it, you want to know where you stand! The top 10 riders are listed on the AMIS BIXI leaderboard on the mobile app or the website. Everyone is identified anonymously, but you can still get a good idea where you rank!

Joining the AMIS BIXI lets you do your part in redistributing BIXIs throughout the network and help the next users find a BIXI or dock! The whole community will thank you!

Written by : BIXI team