AMIS BIXI are BIXI riders who improve the availability of bikes and docks for fellow riders and earn rewards along the way! The program is available to all members.

 Download or visit the BIXI app to subscribe!

1) Download or visit the BIXI app to subscribe

App Store or Google Play

2) Click on your profile through the BIXI map

3) Follow the steps

4) Start getting points and rewards!

Ride and add to your score

AMIS BIXI earn points for taking bikes from crowded stations and bringing them to empty ones or stations expected to soon become empty. Rack up the points by cycling from a full station to an empty station.

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Earn points and rewards

Every AMIS BIXI point you earn is added to your monthly point total. Pro tip: enable push notifications on your smartphone to be alerted every time you earn points.

10 points:

Get a 24-hour BIXI access pass to share with one of your friends!

20 points:

For every 20 points you earn, an extra week is added to your annual membership! You can earn up to 4 extra weeks each month, which represents 80 points!

Learn more about points and rewards

Monthly Leaderboard

Check out the monthly leaderboard to see the top AMIS in Montreal!

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Stay up to date

All network changes are posted daily.

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Stay up to date

All network changes are posted daily.

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