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Frequently asked questions

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1 - How do I join AMIS BIXI?

1) Download or visit the BIXI app to subscribe

2) Click on your profile through the main menu

3) Click on the AMIS BIXI banner

3) Follow the tutorial and click on Join AMIS BIXI

4) Start getting points and rewards!

2 - What rewards can AMIS BIXI earn?

Every AMIS BIXI point you earn is added to your monthly point total. You will earn different rewards based on your point total! See below for the full set of rewards.

Monthly points and rewards

10 points:

Get a 24-hour BIXI access pass to share with one of your friends!

20 points:

For every 20 points you earn, an extra week is added to your annual membership! You can earn up to 4 extra weeks each month, which represents 80 points!

Monthly points reset on the first day of each month.

Day Passes and Extensions will be emailed as soon as they're earned.

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3 - How do I earn points?

Once you're signed up as an AMIS BIXI, you can turn on the AMIS BIXI layer in the BIXI app to view the points available at each station.

Mobile App

Download the newest version of the BIXI app (on the App Store or Google Play), log into your account, go to Settings, and turn on AMIS BIXI.

Now that you can see which stations offer points for taking a bike away (black oval with an upward arrow) and which stations offer points for returning a bike (white oval with a downward arrow), you can earn points depending on the pair of stations involved in your BIXI trips. See below for examples!

1 point

Start at neutral station,
bike to 1-point Drop Off

No points

Trips with Drop Off points
at trip start will not
earn points

2 points

Start at 2-point Pick Up station,
bike to neutral station

No points

Trips with Pick Up points
at trip end will not
earn points

3 points

Start at 2-point Pick
Up station, bike to 1-point
Drop Off

No points

This reverse trip won't
earn points either

A few more tips on earning points

Station status and score take into account current fill level and the future flow of bikes.

Station points "freeze" when you start your trip, so the points you'll earn will not change mid-trip. Even if the scores you see displayed change while you're mid-trip, you will earn the points that were available when your trip began.

The scores on the map update every 15 minutes, on the hour and 15, 30, and 45 minutes past. 

If an AMIS BIXI is "gaming" the system (e.g. biking back and forth between two stations) these points will be vacated.

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4 - Which stations offer AMIS BIXI points?

All stations in the BIXI system can offer AMIS BIXI points if they're in need of more bikes or docks! The points assigned to each station are updated every 15 minutes depending on the bikes and docks available along with factors such as the day of the week, upcoming weather, and other factors.

Once you're part of the AMIS BIXI program, you can view the points available across the system with the BIXI app.

Mobile App

Download the newest version of the BIXI App (on the App Store or Google Play), log into your account, go to Map Settings, and turn on AMIS BIXI.

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5 - Tracking my AMIS BIXI points

To check the amount of points you've earned on each AMIS BIXI trip, check out the Trips section of your member profile. From there, you'll see the point total for each rental you've taken along with the station scores that gave you points!

Push notification

As soon as you dock, you'll be sent a push notification on your phone with the total points for that trip along with your monthly and annual total. Make sure to activate push notifications for the BIXI app in your phone's settings!

Docking email

If you have your docking notification emails turned on within your member profile, you'll receive a "trip receipt" in your inbox with details of the trip (including AMIS BIXI points) each time you dock.

Mobile member profile

You can also head to the statistics section of your member profile on the BIXI mobile app to check your monthly point total, along with the points you earned for each of your trips.

6 - Do points carry over month-to-month?

Every AMIS BIXI point you earn is added to your monthly, annual, and lifetime point totals. Monthly points, which give you membership extensions and free day passes, reset on the 1st of each month. 

Check out the full set of AMIS BIXI rewards!

7 - How to redeem points for rewards?

Points don't need to be redeemed – rewards are automatically given based on how many points you earn as an AMIS BIXI in a given month. With 10 points, you earn a free 24-hour Access Pass to share with a friend. With 20 points, you earn a membership extension of one week. These rewards are automatically awarded and emailed to you as soon as you earn enough points.

8 - How do the membership extensions work?

As soon as you cross a point threshold that earns a membership extension, the expiration date on your account will be extended by exactly one week. You'll also receive an email informing you of your new membership expiration date. You can view your membership expiration date at any point in your member profile.

The maximum number of weekly extensions you can earn in a single month is four (80 points).

9 - How do I earn a free month of membership?

For every 20 points you earn, an extra week is added to your annual membership! You can earn up to 4 extra weeks each month, which represents 80 points!

Monthly points reset on the first day of each month.

See more details about the rewards!


Stay up to date

All network changes are posted daily.

Station Map

Network info

- Des Soeurs-Grises / Marguerite-d'Youville station now in service.

- Stanley / Sherbrooke station removed.

- King / de la Commune station was installed today.

- de la Commune / King station was removed today.

- Hôtel-de-Ville / Sherbrooke station was moved at the corner of St-Dominique / Ontario today.

- St-Gerard / Jarry station now operationnal

- Lajeunesse / de Castelnau station removed.

- The de Liège / Lajeunesse station was removed.

- Lajeunesse / Villeray station removed.

- Metro Sherbrooke (de Rigaud / St-Denis) was removed today.

- Berri / Cherrier station was installed today.

- 9e avenue / Holt station was moved at the corner of 10e avenue / Holt.

- Parc de Bullion (de Bullion / Prince-Arthur) station was installed today.

- Metro Jarry station (Lajeunesse / Jarry) was removed today.

- Bellechasse / St-Vallier station was installed today.

- Poirier / O'brien station reinstated.

- St-Zotique / Clark station removed

- Sanguinet / Ontario station reinstated

- The Bellerive / Duchesneau station was moved to the des Ormeaux / Notre-Dame corner.

- 10e avenue / Masson station reinstated

- Boyer / Rosemont station reinstated.

- Queen / Wellington station removed temporarily.

- Benny / de Monkland station removed permanently.

- de Bellechasse / de St-Vallier station was removed today.

- Ste-Catherine / St-Marc station was removed today.

- de l'Esplanade / Laurier station was moved at the corner of Jeanne-Mance / Laurier.

- Bellerive / Duchesneau station was removed today.

- Logan / d'Iberville station removed temporarily.

- Metro Villa-Maria station (de Monkland/ Décarie) was installed today.

- Square St-Louis station reinstated.

- Sanguinet / Ontario station removed.

- Place Longueuil station operational.

- Collège Édouard-Montpetit station operational.

- Métro Longueuil / Université de Montréal station operational.

- St-Charles / Grant station operational.

- St-Charles / Montarville station operational.

- St-Charles / St-Sylvestre station operational.

- Thérèse-Lavoie Roux station was moved at the corner of Outremont / Thérèse-Lavoie Roux.

- Boyer / Beaubien station was removed today.

- St-André / Robin station was removed today.

- Metcalfe / Ste-Catherine station was installed today.

- 19e avenue / St-Joseph Lachine station (7107) was moved at the corner of the 18e avenue / St-Joseph.

- Ottawa / Peel (7047) station was removed today.

- St-Andre / Cherrier station (6175) was moved at the intersection of St-Christophe / Cherrier.

- Laurier / de Bordeaux station (6236) was removed today.

- Berri / Cherrier station (6173) was removed today.

- Palm / St-Remi station (6313) was removed today.